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Despite current polls, Trump wins. If he does...

From Trump's reelection in 2020 until the time he leaves office, America is in crisis. In Trump's Second Term, the story of America is played out in graphic detail as told through the eyes of both the President's supporters and detractors. During his second term, Trump will aggressively promote his vision and agenda. Some will try anything to stop him, but will they succeed?

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  1. Publication Date: August 06, 2020
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  3. Official Launch: September 07, 2020
This is a book Trump doesn't want you to read. If Trump were to tweet about this book, he would say...
Trump Twitter Photo Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump • 5h

This book is fake news. Pure trash. I would never abolish Obamacare, use troops to control protests, or promote misformation. Author should be Shamed. Don't buy this book.

For once, Trump is right. This is fake news. It is what could happen if Trump wins. It is not real ... but it could come true.

Tom Fischgrund is a best-selling author with appearances on the Today Show and local radio/TV/newsprint. With a PhD from MIT and an MBA from Harvard, he has written six other books which sold hundreds of thousands of copies.